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Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey celebrates its 30th Anniversary

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey (TMMT) is one of Toyota's vehicle production bases in Europe. Located in Arifiye /Sakarya - Turkey, it produces Corolla and Toyota C-HR models. Most of their production is exported to 148 countries.
Toyota Turkey, owned by Toyota Motor Europe NV/SA (90%), and Mitsui & Co., Ltd. (10%), has a total investment of 2,08 Billion Euro, and currently employs 5,500 people.

Dedicated to best quality production with the contribution of all members, TMMT applied the Toyota Production System (TPS) to its manufacturing processes from the very first day of the start of its operation.
Today, with an increased annual production capacity of 280,000 units, TMMT is the biggest manufacturing site of Toyota in Europe, and one of the biggest manufacturing companies in Turkey. TMMT continues to contribute to Turkey’s economy, beating production and export records since the first day it was established. 

Toshihiko Kudo, president and CEO of TMMT said: “As TMMT, we are proud to be one of the major automotive industries for the last 30 years and demonstrating our strength in international competition. I sincerely thank all of our employees and suppliers’ efforts working with us from our establishment and supported us in achieving our objectives.”
On this occasion, let us take a look at the milestones in the history of TMMT.

Toyota Turkey was established in 1990, as the second manufacturing company of Toyota in Europe, the foundations were laid in 1992. Manufacturing started in 1994 with the production of the 7th generation Corolla. Again, with Corolla, the first exportation was carried out to European countries in 2002. 

In 2016, TMMT started mass production of the C-HR which is the first cross-over and hybrid vehicle of Turkey.

Today, TMMT produces the 12th generation of Corolla Sedan and C-HR models including hybrid options. They are now the 2nd biggest exporter of Turkey with 90% of its total production distributed to 148 different counties in the world.