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DIMAC launched its new machines at the Wire 2022

Interview with Massimo Agrati, CEO DIMAC

How was Dimac’s participation at the Wire 2022 Show?

The Wire 2022 has definitely exceeded our expectations in terms of visitors. Given the absence of several exhibitors, we thought of a somewhat calm show. Surprisingly this was not the case, our stand was crowded all day long from day one till Thursday 23. We have welcomed many new customers and greeted our most loyal customers who have come to see our latest news. Most of them said our booth was one of the most crowded in the show.

Have you launched any new products or services at the Wire?

The Wire 2022 has been the occasion for Dimac to launch two new machines: MCV6 and SPC-EVO.

MCV6 is the new Dimac glass rotary table machine, conceived for the high-speed 100% inspection and sorting of fasteners and special parts. Suitable for screws, washers, nuts, fittings, hollow parts, retaining rings, valve retainers, chain plates and stamped parts in general, MCV6 offers full dimensional controls up to 5μm accuracy, surface defect detections with SFS technology and Artificial Intelligence Algorithms and NDT inspection for material quality and heat treatment.

SPC-EVO is the new semi-automatic machine for SPC Controls and Data collection in the production department. This machine dramatically reduces the time to perform complex SPC-Controls in production allowing up to 60% time saving compared with conventional manual SPC. Moreover SPC-EVO performs non-contact measurements human-error free, providing real-time data to the quality ERP system and granting the complete traceability of the production process.

Did some sales occur during the event in addition to potential customers?

Two machines, model MCV1 and model MCV3 have been sold in the show to Italian and German customers, confirming the positive trend of the exhibition.
Two projects started in 2022 have been finalized during the show and will lead to the order of new machines which have been optioned from Brazil and US.

A bunch of new projects have been opened for investigation by new prospect customers during the week in Düsseldorf. That’s absolutely positive.

In which countries in the world and approximately how many Dimac machines are still active?

We do have more than 1000 machines running in 20 different countries of the world, including ancillary equipment like bulk feeders and automatic packing machines in boxes. We mainly export our systems in Germany, US, Canada, France, Turkey and we are leaders in Italy. We are improving our presence in North America and Brazil where special automotive and aerospace fasteners are produced which require high-end inspection machines like our MCV line. Our software includes tools to measure special geometrical features in combination with Eddy current stations for high-speed crack detection and eat treatment inspection. We are opening projects with important fasteners manufacturers in those countries for the next months to come.