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Best Kale Cıvata, the Turkish manufacturer opens a wire production facility

Established in 2002, Best Kale Cıvata is set to become one of the leading companies in Turkey as a fastener supplier. With a decision we took in 2020, we made an investment in the supply of raw materials to the fastener industry, primarily screw manufacturers. The main reason behind this decision is the desire to address the difficulties experienced by the producers in the supply of raw materials.

800 tons/month production and 5 million euro investment

We completed the factory, which has a closed area of 7500 square meters with an investment of 5 million Euros, in Kırklareli Organized Industrial Zone 2 months ago and started the assembly of our machinery.
In our factory, we will produce annealed wire between 2.5 and 10 mm in diameter for the screw industry. Our current plan is to produce 800 tons/month with 2 rolling mills, 3 annealing furnaces and 7 skin passes. Only one furnace will be activated this month, and we will activate our other two furnaces in the next two months. Following approximately 2 months of the trial period of production, we will start mass production in September or October employing at least 35 people.

With the "Zero Waste" project eco friendly production

Our facility has been shaped with an environmentally friendly, completely zero waste project in terms of production, which distinguishes it from the production methods of other existing wire manufacturers.
We aspire to offer our products to our customers manufactured with the new sandblasting technology, completely free from chemicals. No waste and no harmful substances are used in our process. It is a system with higher investment and production costs than other production methods, namely phosphate production. This production method is currently used in the world and in Turkey.

A ready-to-roll-team of professionals

We will operate within Best Kale Cıvata, which financed the entire investment without establishing a separate company for our new facility. We haven't decided on a brand name yet prioritizing our products to be made of top quality material and demanded by everyone. For this reason, all of our staff have undergone extensive training for about 9 months and now they have all kinds of knowledge and skills. We have also completed the equipment required for quality.

We also aim to secure the supplier position in the industry

We set a target of 15% export for the first year and started to build our infrastructure for this. We aim to increase this rate even more in the coming years. Subsequently, we aim to increase the capacity of our facility and to include different product groups. We will be able to do gas metal arc welding wire marketing and stainless wire import and marketing. We will also enter into service in the sector as a supplier.
In parallel with these investments, we also have a plan to establish a heat treatment, coating and packaging facility in the future. However, we do not intend to manufacture fasteners. Since our partners are producers, it is naturally more ethical for us to sell the goods they produce.

Why did we need such an investment?

Fastener manufacturers in Turkey have made substantial investments in machinery (pressing, rubbing), heat treatment and coating. However, we saw that the sector was insufficient in terms of raw material capacity and we decided to make an investment in this field.
We plan to procure wire rod domestically. We have 5-6 major steel producers. By working with these companies, we will be able to supply raw materials to fastener manufacturers in the domestic market.

20 years in the sector

As Best Kale Cıvata, we operate in the field of fasteners with 76 employees in 3 different locations: Gebze, Karaköy and Esenyurt. We added Kırklareli as a new facility. 55% of our customer base consists of wholesalers and 45% of end users.
We are optimistic about the future of our industry. Companies that can maintain the good quality and timely delivery and keep the costs under control are destined to achieve serious success.