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As TEMEL TEL, we aim to be the best quality and best known brand

We established Temel Tel in 1998 as a family company in Istanbul and in 2005 we started annealed wire production with new investments. We established our second factory in Kocaeli Dilovası due to the insufficiency of our Istanbul Habibler facility, where we made production until 2020. We produce annealed, unannealed and phosphated wire for the fasteners industry in our Dilovası facility. We produce bright wire, construction wire, oiled bale wire in our facility operating under the name Eser Tel Metal company in Habibler.

Production capacity of 6-7 thousand tons/month

We opened our Dilovası facility, where we produce wire for fasteners, in 2021 with an investment of 50 million TL. Our annealing furnaces are atmosphere-controlled and our phosphate facility is equipped with the latest technology in this facility where we produce in a 7-decare area, 3500 m2 closed and 3500 m2 open area. With our new annealing furnace, we have reached a monthly production capacity of 2500 tons of annealed wire, 3000 tons of unannealed wire at our Dilovası facility, and 500 tons of annealed wire and 1000 tons of unannealed oiled wire at our Habibler facility. We have a monthly wire production capacity of approximately 6000-7000 tons in our 2 facilities. The approximate amount of our investment in this sector, together with our Habibler facility, is 4 million EUR.

Production from 1 mm to 30 mm

We can produce from 1 mm to 30 mm. With this capacity, I can say that we are the company that can produce the thickest wire in Istanbul. We produce all kinds of qualified and unqualified steels used by fastener manufacturers in all qualities. We are also considering importing materials such as 41Cr4, which are not produced as wire rod in Turkey, in the future.

Atmosphere controlled annealing furnaces

In both of our facilities, our aim is to become the best-known brand not compromising quality. We do not hesitate to make investments toward this. We use atmosphere-controlled annealing furnaces with a value of 500 thousand EUR each. This is reflected in the quality of the wire. Because a part of the wire annealed in a non-atmosphere controlled furnace may remain hard and some soft. 6 of our 14 phosphate boilers, are constantly at 80 degrees. We also receive positive and commendable feedback from our customers regarding our quality.

For example, if intermediate annealed and phosphated wire is desired, the wire is brought to the required size with the first drawing process after raw material supply and intermediate annealing is performed. After the phosphating process and the furnace, the cleaning of the material is done, it enters the final drawing and is shipped.

Our primary goal is to export

Wire export is one of our priority goals set with our facility, capacity, and quality investments. We produce in compliance with European standards. Being able to export wire to European countries such as Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium with our facility and quality, which has all kinds of technology investments is a testament that we have achieved the required quality.

With the experienced export department, we conduct research and studies on which products we can export to other countries. Although we are at the initial stage of export for now, we aim to export 50% of our production. In terms of exports, our target countries and regions besides Europe are Morocco, Algeria, Russia, Turkic Republics, Central Asia and America.

Do not hesitate to buy wires from Turkish suppliers

Our foreign customer base must be aware that no matter how difficult and risky it may seem to start working with a new company, each new supplier can offer advantageous opportunities and surprise you with its service, quality, and price. Give it a try and buy wires from Turkish suppliers, go out of your habits. You will be convinced that we are good partners. Be sure to research domestic and foreign references on us.