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New Aluminum Concealed Beam Hanger

Simpson Strong-Tie, the leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions,  introduced the ACBH, an aluminum concealed beam hanger designed for mass timber structures and engineered to support loads up to 20 kips (equivalent to 20,000 pounds of force).

Designed to provide a concealed connection for fire performance and architectural aesthetics, the ACBH from Simpson Strong-Tie joins the existing CBH concealed beam hanger as part of a family of innovative connectors and solutions for mass timber construction. Fabricated from machined aluminum, the ACBH allows for the use of 45º countersunk fasteners, delivering significantly higher loads and stiffness per screw. For situations where a single ACBH is still not sufficient for the design loads, two connectors can be used on a single beam end to achieve twice the allowable download of a single connector.

“The ACBH has been thoroughly tested as a high-capacity, easy-to-install connector and is designed with drift performance in mind and to take on the heavy loads of mass timber construction,” says Randy Daudet, director of global offsite construction at Simpson Strong-Tie. “Along with our other structural solutions for mass timber, the ACBH provides mass timber fabricators and construction crews with additional versatility and simplified installation to help them build safer, stronger structures faster.”

Featuring tested assemblies for one-hour and two-hour fire resistance ratings and excellent tolerance for onsite fit-up, the ACBH provides a strong and reliable connection that’s fast, easy, and cost-effective to install. The ACBH is manufactured and stocked in the US for reliable availability to meet short lead times and to reduce jobsite dependency on challenged global supply chains.