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Steel production fall in 2022

by Sergio Milatias 
Editor in Chief of Revista do Parafusos


In an unprecedented way, after overcame 36 million steel tons produced the annual barrier, in 2021, with the Brazilian domestic production sector dropped 5,84%, with 33,964 million tons total. However, the performance sector was not much different if compare between the last five years, as can see follow.

During 2012-2017 the total production achieved 167,659 million tons; while the total among 2018-2022 were 169,426 million, a little bit above: 1.05%. The average, the fall in 2022 wasn´t much different of Brazilian reality, in which the annual average has orbiting around 33,7 million/year, dancing between highs and lows.  

Although it is too early to draw conclusions, the firsts result about 2023 are respectively 2,783 and 2,530 million tons produced, indicating an annual average around 31,8 million.