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International Technical Fair 2023

The International Technical Fair, which takes place in the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv, is a prestigious exhibition event and an established industry event in South East Europe. It is the brightest platform for the presentation of achievements in all sectors of construction and industry. The exhibition is a trademark in the 131st anniversary of the International Fair Plovdiv - the largest exhibition centre and a leader in the exhibition industry in the Balkans. This autumn, the institution is organising the 77th edition of the prestigious forum and will once again bring together the industry leaders who set the trends in the global economy.  From 14 to 17 September 2023 International Fair Plovdiv will host all sectors with applications in manufacturing, housing and trade.

According to tradition, the exhibition combines specialized expositions dedicated to modern construction, digital technologies, green economy, eco-production, mechanical engineering and digital technologies. Companies that offer different models of smart houses, as well as those with photovoltaic systems and energy-saving gadgets, are of particular interest. The latest edition marks a growth in exhibitors offering systems and facilities based on artificial intelligence. More and more global automotive companies are choosing the International Technical Fair to premiere new eco-friendly and hybrid models.

International Technical Fair represents all branches of heavy industry and the IT sector. 

Companies are encouraged  to show their competitive qualities and their development potential by taking part in the Gold Medal Competition, which is organised within the framework of the fair by the International Fair Plovdiv. The prestigious awards are given to exhibitors for innovative products of high quality. They are the highest market prize in the Bulgarian industry and an undisputed business recognition of success in each holder's portfolio.

Usually two thirds of the exhibitors are companies from all continents - direct manufacturers, traders and representatives. The International Technical Fair brings together industry leaders and innovators from around the world to network with each other. Managers, engineers, entrepreneurs, finance experts and scientists share experiences and discuss mutually beneficial cooperation. This communication is supported by the hosts including the organisation of media events and meetings with journalists from specialised magazines. 

The forthcoming 77th edition will again feature an extremely rich supporting agenda with seminars, presentations, premieres, bilateral meetings of delegations and trade representations. International Fair Plovdiv will provide all the conditions for their comfortable conduct, as it has various modern halls equipped according to world standards for business forums.

If you are an entrepreneur or manager of a company that wishes to establish itself as an innovative leader in the industrial sector, the International Technical Fair is the event not to be missed. If you want to expand your market share and create useful business contacts, the International Fair Plovdiv is the place to be in 2023. Be part of this exciting forum of technological revolution! Get to know the Terms and conditions for participation on the website of the trade fair -, which takes place in Plovdiv - the industrial and cultural capital of Bulgaria.