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Leckage-free clamping with ENEMAC clamping screw ESS

The clamping specialist ENEMAC offers versatile mechanical force-amplifying systems for easy and manually clamping of tools and work-pieces.

With clamping screw ESS, which is available in 5 sizes, clamping forces between 40 and 250 kN can be manually generated. It’s obtainable with external threads from M36 to TR100.

Inside the power clamping screw lies an intelligent wedge clamping system. A relatively low torque is converted into an axial stroke (up to a maximum of 2.5 mm) with high axial force via an hexagonal pin. Depending on the tightening torque, different clamping forces can also be generated. This clamping element is particularly interesting for tool clamping in presses and punching or in special machine and fixture construction.

The clamping screws can be operated with conventional open-ended wrenches. These are sufficient for the required torques.

For reproducible clamping forces, however, operation should be done with a torque wrench. The external thread is used for coarse adjustment in the mating thread and is provided with a hexagon at the end for better handling.

The robust design, the self-locking function and an high overload capacity guarantees maximum operational safety and a long service life for these clamping elements.

ENEMAC clamping screws ESS with their innovative force amplification system enable high clamping forces with purely manual, simple operation and low tightening torques.