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Global Expansion of the Taiwan International Tools & Hardware Expo: The Initiation of Local Cultivation Plan for Buyers

Unleashing global opportunities: The Taiwan International Tools & Hardware Expo embracing the worldwide market

The Taiwan International Tools & Hardware Expo made its highly anticipated debut in Taichung in 2022, marking a significant milestone in Taiwan's post-pandemic era. As Taiwan's inaugural industrial hardware exposition, it was led by prominent industry associations and received strong support from the government. With the captivating theme of "TOOLS KINGDOM: The World's Strongest Supply Chain is in Taiwan," it aimed to showcase the industrial clusters in central Taiwan to a global audience. Since its inception, the expo has gained tremendous recognition and has evolved into an eagerly anticipated annual gathering for hardware professionals worldwide. In 2023, the expo is poised to strengthen its presence in international markets, affirming its commitment to fostering global partnerships. Major media and agents from the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, France, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Lithuania, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and other countries and regions have signed cooperation agreements, and collaborative agreements have been established with influential industry expositions. To further amplify its impact, the expo has implemented a comprehensive promotion plan to recruit agents for exhibitors. By adopting a globalized and localized approach to organize buyer groups, the organizers have successfully attracted registration from exhibitors in Germany, China, and other countries, with an anticipated turnout of approximately one hundred individuals comprising both buyers and professional buyer groups. With a steadfast commitment to enhancing the global reputation of Taiwan's hardware industry, the expo aims to captivate the attention of key buyers worldwide, emphasizing the immense opportunities and innovations that Taiwan has to offer.

Strengthening alliances with local industry associations: Empowering the annual exchange platform for the metal industry

The 2023 Taiwan International Tools & Hardware Expo (TiTE) is advised by the Bureau of Foreign Trade and the National Development Fund, Executive Yuan; organized by the Taiwan Hand Tool Manufacturers' Association, and co-organized by the Taiwan Industrial Fasteners Institute, the Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders' Association, the Importers and Exporters Association of Taipei, and the Middle East Business Association. Support partners include 16 industry associations such as the Taiwan Plastic Industry Association, the Taiwan Fluid Power Association, the Taiwan Fastener Trading Association, the Taiwan Aerospace Industry Association, the Taiwan Transportation Vehicle Manufacturers Association, the Tai Chung Computer Association, the Taiwan Cutting-Tool Engineering Association, and the Taiwan Venture Capital Association, etc. This collective effort is a testament to Taiwan's alliance, striking a perfect balance between domestic and international markets, and fostering the growth of the hardware industry.

Centered around the industries at the heart of the exhibition, the TiTE Conference (Taiwan International Hardware Industry Summit Forum), made its debut in 2022. The conference focused on two key themes: innovation and sustainable development in the metal industry, and digital transformation within high-value smart markets. It provided a platform to explore topics such as carbon reduction strategies, effective profit control measures, national investment strategies aligned with the trend of net-zero carbon emission, and the ongoing trajectory of industrial digitalization. Additionally, it also focused on the integration of digital transformation into traditional industries. The Taiwan-US Smart Home Industry Forum was another highlight, and the subtopics covered include smart kitchen and bathroom solutions, expanding overseas markets for smart locks in the supply chain, and incorporating smart living solutions into the water hardware industry. In 2023, the summit plans to analyze strategies for positioning high-end hardware tools in the global market, explore AI-integrated manufacturing technologies, address the “three-carbon issues” (Carbon Neutrality, Carbon Emissions, and Carbon Footprint Verification), and discuss profit control. It expects to attract industry professionals for knowledge exchange and networking opportunities.

An expo that achieved remarkable growth: 49% increase in the number of booths and a 70% retention rate

In the first half of 2023, over 250 exhibitors have already registered for this high-quality exposition, gaining tremendous recognition from manufacturers in the hardware tools, machine tool components, screws and fasteners, and industrial security sectors. Over 70% of previous exhibitors have committed to returning. The number of participating exhibitors has surged by 49% compared to the same period last year, accompanied by a significant 37.3% increase in the overall exposition area, with 350 exhibitors expected to be taking part in the 2023 event. Notably, pivotal industry exhibitors in the hardware tools sector, including "JACO", "ALLPRO", " PROXENE" and " REDAI", as well as the metal sheet processing group "BYSTRONIC", the composite fastener manufacturer "SHEH KAI", the pneumatic tools manufacturer "KUANI", the gardening tools manufacturer "WISE CENTER", the biggest tool case exporter in Taiwan "MACHAN", and the automotive aftermarket repair tools manufacturer "LIH YANN", have enthusiastically chosen to participate in this international hardware exposition held in Taiwan, and the event is set to break records as the largest professional exposition in Taiwan among similar industries.

Revolutionizing the European and American markets with an unparalleled one-stop buyer service

Unlike conventional expositions, the Taiwan International Tools & Hardware Expo stands out by offering a one-stop buyer service and a subsidy system exclusively designed for buyers. This service and system efficiently categorize buyers according to their specific needs, providing tailored accommodation and transportation arrangements. Buyers will receive invitation letters to facilitate their visa applications, and all necessary check-in procedures for the events will be completed in advance, eliminating any financial burden for the buyer. The unified platform will assist buyers with flight bookings and promptly confirm arrival times for accommodation arrangements. Furthermore, the expo organizes international buyer procurement meetings in collaboration with diplomatic missions and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council. Through the coordination of a global agency that organizes buyer groups to visit Taiwan for procurement purposes, targeted buyers can be reached with precision. This strategic alignment with government resources enables Taiwanese businesses to effectively expand their marketing presence in the highly competitive global environment.

The exposition will consist of seven exhibition areas, namely: 1) Tools & Related Accessories, 2) Automotive Parts, Repair Tools & Maintenance Equipment, 3) Fasteners & Fixings, 4) Garden, Outdoor, Agricultural, & DIY, 5) Metal Testing Equipment, Processing Equipment, & Industrial Safety, 6) Building & Locks, and 7) Industrial Software & Digital Transformation. For more information on how to secure a key position in the new post-pandemic industry chain, please contact Lanza International Co. Ltd. at 02-7746-2868 (phone) or tite@lanzaexpo.com (email).