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Bulten enters into agreement to acquire Exim & Mfr Holdings Pte Ltd

Bulten has entered into an agreement to acquire all shares in Exim & Mfr Holdings Pte Ltd “Exim”, an Asian, Singapore-based distributor of fasteners and other components, for a purchase sum of approximately SGD 66.3 million (SEK 530 million) on a cash-free and debt-free basis. The acquisition affords Bulten a good platform to grow in new sectors, where the distribution stage is a pivotal sales channel. 

The acquisition is expected to contribute to Bulten’s development and earnings, and to increase earnings per share. Exim gives Bulten access to a large, broad customer base in growth sectors in a dynamic region. The acquisition is an important part of Bulten’s strategy, which aims for growth outside of the company’s primary customer group of automotive, and to improve risk diversification, as well as margins.   

Anders Nyström, President and CEO of Bulten Group, comments: “Our strategy sets out a clear focus on balancing our sales through growth in customer groups beyond the automotive industry. The aim is for these to account for at least 20% of sales by 2025. The acquisition of Exim takes us into the distribution stage, which is a key to profitable growth in new sectors. Exim is a well-managed company with an international customer base and developed processes for distribution and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), which is suitable for industries with completely different purchasing patterns than Bulten has historically been used to. Exim’s base in Singapore is also highly attractive. It enables us to take advantage of the strong growth in that region, and we also see potential in using Exim’s sales network to increase sales for our factories in China and Taiwan. Exim will, together with Bulten's rapidly growing business to consumer electronics customers, constitute the beginning of a new industrial segment.” 

Exim & Mfr Holdings Pte Ltd is a privately owned company based in Singapore. Established in 1982, the company distributes fasteners and other c-parts*, along with related services from more than 1,800 manufacturers and suppliers for American, European, Indian and Japanese companies operating in Asia. The company has more than 1,000 customers in a range of sectors including telecom, electronics, energy, medical technology, aviation, and other industrial manufacturing. Exim has approximately 140 employees in Singapore, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam, and annual sales of about SGD 40 million (SEK 320 million). 

Purchase sum and completion
The purchase sum is approximately SGD 66.3 million (SEK 530 million) on a cash-free and debt-free basis. The sum will be paid in cash with equal financing from an existing credit facility with Svenska Handelsbanken and an additional loan from the Swedish Export Credit Corporation. The acquisition is expected to be completed during Q3 2023. The transaction cost is estimated at SEK 8 million.

KPMG, Drew & Napier, and Setterwalls are acting as advisers to Bulten in connection with the acquisition.