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Optimas Receive Dana’s ‘OH China Special Award’

Dana, a leading manufacturer of drivetrain and e-Propulsion systems, have awarded Optimas Solutions’ Suzhou branch with their OH China Special Award.

Optimas, a global manufacturer and distributor of precision-made fasteners and supply chain solutions, have been recognised by Dana for their quality control services, competitive pricing and reduction of part complexity. The product of a fruitful 14-year partnership, the award also praised Optimas for their consistent, on-time delivery, alongside their rapid response and support for Dana’s requirements including low-volume, high-complexity parts.

Lily Li, Purchasing Director at Dana in China, said, ‘as a leading global distributor, Optimas have shown they are always customer-oriented, delivering excellent quality and driving continuous improvement serving our Wuxi factory. They’ve been a highly trusted partner of ours for over 10 years.’

A year after Optimas Suzhou’s opening in 2008, Dana became the site’s first customer, and since then the partnership has grown significantly. Optimas currently provide Dana with a consigned inventory service, delivering over 700 SKUs per year, with 5 dedicated people serving the company across sales, AC, quality, supply chain and operations.

Optimas’ Vice President of APAC, Graeme Bassett, said, ‘I want to thank the team at Dana for the great honour of giving us this award. It’s been a pleasure to have partnered with Dana for such a long time and to see how their business has gone from strength to strength over the years.’

Mike Tuffy, CEO, International at Optimas, said, ‘we’re incredibly proud of the Optimas team in Suzhou. It’s fantastic to see Dana recognise the work that our team has done and the part that we have played in helping drive Dana’s success. We’re very much looking forward to supporting Dana in their growth plans for the future and being a part of that journey.’