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New developments to fischer UltraCut FBS II range

fischer’s ULTRACUT FBS II concrete screws combine easy installation and safety when transferring heavy loads in concrete. New developments to the range mean it now covers an even wider range of applications. The FBS II 6-10 versions are the world’s first concrete screws to be suitable for use in masonry in compliance with regulations (ETA). Combined with the FBS II 10 US gvz, the new FSW adjusting washer enables quick and straightforward adjustment and alignment of beams and joists.

fischer UltraCut FBS II concrete screws combine high loadbearing capacity with quick installation. Steel and stainless steel variants with an ETA (European Technical Assessment) cover compliant applications in cracked and non-cracked concrete, both indoors and outdoors, as well as seismic loading in performance categories C1 and C2. The assessment also regulates fire resistance classes of up to R 120.

Further advantages include the fact that the UltraCut FBS II guarantees reliable force transfer and installation free of expansion pressure thanks to its form fit. The concrete screw’s patented thread geometry and large core diameter support high shear and tensile loads in concrete, requiring fewer fastening points. UltraCut FBS II can be reused under certain circumstances, enabling low edge and axial spacing for safe  and easy installation. Depending on the diameter, the concrete screw offers a high degree of flexibility in terms of loading, with up to three approved screw-in or embedment depths. The concrete screw’s many different diameters ranging from 6 to 14 in zinc-plated steel and 8 to 12 in stainless steel, various head types and approvals for multiple use enable additional application options.

The product is easy to use. The concrete screw is inserted into the drill hole using the push-through method of installation, and finished. No further drill hole cleaning is required during vertical drilling in floors and ceilings or when using hollow drills with vacuum functions. 

The world’s first concrete screw for masonry

The expanded approval now covers an even wider range of applications. With its FBS II 6-10 variant, fischer now offers the world’s first concrete screw with an ETA for masonry. This includes all FBS II versions in diameters 6-10 made of galvanised steel as well as diameters 8-10 made of multicoated CP steel and stainless steel. The assessment regulates anchorages in solid and perforated brick masonry and covers brick types including clay bricks (EN 771-1), solid lime-sand brick (EN 771-2) and perforated sand-lime brick (EN 771-2).

FBS II can be used in the brick, joint, as an individual anchor, an anchor group as well as in plastered masonry. The conditions and assembly instructions and/or ETA provide detailed instructions in each case.

Adjusting and aligning beams and joists

Wood construction specialists and carpenters can now adjust beams and joists quickly and more easily with the new FSW adjusting washer combined with the concrete screw Ultracut FBS II hexagon head US in a 10 mm diameter (gvz). Until recently, carpenters often had to lift beams between two people and adjust wood blocks of different sizes underneath. This method is highly laborious, which is where the FSW adjusting washer comes in. Just a few steps are sufficient: Simply fasten the FSW into the concrete through the beam together with the UltraCut FBS II 10 US gvz. Next, a second, reversed FSW with a downward-facing notch is placed over the head of the FBS II and fastened to the wood beam with Power-Fast FPF-PT 5x40 screws to allow precise adjustment. To do so, the wooden beam is precisely aligned with an impact wrench, such as fischer’s FSS 18V 400BL with torque control, by slightly loosening the FBS II and subsequently lining it. The upper FSW can be disassembled and reused as required.