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The Fasteners Institute of Japan to Promote

by Shun Otsuki
President & Editor in Chief KINSAN FASTENER NEWS


The Fasteners Institute of Japan (FIJ) held its 11th general meeting on May 18 at the Prince Hotel Main Tower in Shinagawa. In the officer election, Chairman Yoshinori Sato was reappointed.

In his opening address, Chairman Sato reflected on the previous fiscal year amid the COVID-19 pandemic and mentioned both achievements and areas where goals could not be met, such as the cancellation of branch training sessions and the utilization of web conferences. He expressed the desire to engage in meaningful business activities for the current fiscal year and called for active proposals.

According to the 2021 business report, the estimated screw production for 2022 (based on the association's estimation) increased by 1.2% to 3.21 million tons, and the value increased by 3.5% to 965.4 billion yen, showing growth in both quantity and value.

As part of the business plan, the association outlined key priority projects, including: 1) promoting association reform initiatives based on the "Association Transformation Vision," 2) promoting association-certified projects for the establishment of screw manufacturing skill certification systems, 3) fostering member collaboration through exchange projects, 4) promoting technological development to enhance competitiveness, and 5) strengthening the management foundations of members to address recent dramatic changes in the business environment, such as decarbonization and the realization of SDGs.

The Publicity Committee (renamed from the Future Development and Publicity Committee) will continue to promote the importance of screws to society under the slogan "The world is made of screws." The "Association Transformation Vision" incorporates working groups (WG) that address members' concerns and work towards problem-solving. The "Aging Workforce Recruitment and Activation WG" and "Materials and Price Transfer Issue WG" are included as support initiatives. The committee will also exhibit at MF-TOKYO 2023 (July 12-15, Tokyo Big Sight). Additionally, they will engage in initiatives related to carbon-neutral environmental measures and the promotion of fair subcontracting practices.

The Qualification Committee aims to establish the screw manufacturing skill certification system and expand the implementation of new screw manufacturing skill certifications that include practical examinations and corresponding training sessions.

The Technology Committee will collaborate with the Japan Screw Research Association to conduct technical training sessions and projects related to JIS/ISO. They will also organize the Forging Technology School (FTS), distribute introductory books on screws, and hold information exchange meetings on screw manufacturing-related technologies in collaboration with supporting members.