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Nissei to proceed with PLBv2 demonstration test

by Shun Otsuki
President & Editor in Chief KINSAN FASTENER NEWS

Nissei Co., Ltd. (Otsuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture) is conducting sample production of its independently developed anti-loosening bolt called the "PLB (Perfect Lock Bolt)" and progressing with validation tests for users. In April this year, the company exhibited at a trade show in Germany and received high praise from many visitors.

The PLB is a bolt with a dual-thread structure of different pitches developed by the company, which is a press machine manufacturer. When two nuts with different pitches in a double nut structure rotate due to vibration or other factors, the nut with a slower progression restricts the nut with a faster progression on the inside, mechanically preventing loosening. In the latest version, PLB v2, which has improved threads, the inner nut has been designed as a special double-threaded screw, allowing both nuts to tighten together by simply tightening the outer nut. This significantly enhances workability. The PLB has the advantage of excellent workability similar to that of a single nut, without the need for special tools or procedures.

In April of last year, dedicated processing equipment was introduced, enabling in-house production of small lots of up to 5,000 units. For production of more than 5,000 units, several domestic bolt manufacturers are engaged. By providing these produced sample products to users and advancing validation tests, the company aims to proceed to full-scale production if positive results are obtained.

The business model of the PLB involves providing production licenses to bolt and nut manufacturers. As licensees, bolt and nut manufacturers can produce the PLB without the need for specialized equipment by receiving the PLB transfer mold from the company. The company is actively seeking bolt and nut manufacturers capable of licensed production as it moves towards full-scale business operations.

With an eye toward expanding sales in the global market, the company is promoting PR at trade shows around the world. It exhibited at "HANNOVER MESSE 2023" (April 17-21) held in Hanover, Germany in April. According to Shuichi Amano, Managing Director, who visited the site, "Many visitors praised the technology of the PLB as fantastic. The opportunity to interact with influential research institutions in Germany will have a significant impact," he said.