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Sun, and wind: promising fasteners business sources

by Sergio Milatias 
Editor in Chief of Revista do Parafusos


Solar: Different than countries at the Northern Hemisphere, during the month August the trade exhibitions do not stop in Brazil. So much so that, in August 2023 was held the *Intersolar South America, about products and services event to catch, to use or to sell energy from the sun. 

As already known, Brazil has high levels of solar radiation, which turn it a promising place to obtain infinite benefits with implant solar energy units any places.

So, during the recent Intersolar, 530 exhibitors -among providers of infrastructure, equipment, and services- receiving around 50 thousand visitors inside the event. 

However, the main obstacles to progress in that sector are from high costs about equipment caused by government taxes, also so regulatory uncertainties, according to some exhibitors.

Still second Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) periodic report, the solar energy has share of 3.9% (**33.5 GW) within the total installed capacity to generate electrical energy in Brazil.

**Total solar energy capacity installed, according to the Absolar (, the sector class entity.

Wind: Soon after the Intersolar, was the ***Brazil Wind Power (BWP) time to open the doors and let get the wind and visitors to get in. With more than 100 exhibitors, and 6,5 thousand visitors, the BWP is a event smaller than the solar. 

However, in it the most important theme was about the expansion to operations offshore, about to be released by MME, involving a task force to unlock restrictions, and release several offshore wind energy generation projects (at sea). The expectation is that it will be approved 78 new projects, on standby, for a new legal framework to proceed immediately. Among them are those of giants such as BP, Shell and Equinor.

Currently, the capacity installed in Brasil are 26 GW, divided among 916 wind farms, and 10.178 wind turbines, according to ABEEólica (, the local sector association. With the expected successful release, the current capacity can be double soon, and a lot of..., a lot of fasteners will be need. 

These exhibitions were held in Expo Center Norte, São Paulo, SP State, Brazil: *August 23-25/ ***September 12-15, 2023.