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Brazilian fastener market landscape until Q3

by Sergio Milatias 
Editor in Chief of Revista do Parafusos


Analyzing the year 2023, from Q1 to Q3, the Brazilian economic scenario has indicating trend to low in industrial production (-1.3%), and there no big signs to expressive changes until December end. 

However, the GPD annual increase estimate are above 3%, pulled mainly by extractive activities, as oil, gas, and iron minerals, with 8.9% rise, and agribusiness, 17.9%.

In some of the several industrial sectors, some of them has more strong impacts or serve us a reference to estimate effects over the fastener companies, such as domestic production of automobiles and motorcycles.

Motorcycle: The production closed the Q3 cumulating 1,191,673 units, 12.24% superior the 1,061,643 units from same period 2022.  

Automotive: Overall, the 2023 cumulated production are 1,750,827 vehicles, practically equal the 1,752,632 among Q1 and Q3 2022. On the same period, singly the passenger cars and light vehicles production was 1,663,707 units, 2.96% above the 1,615,863 units among the Q1 and Q3 2022. 

By his side, the trucks and buses production are facing a “hangover” after had got good results in same period 2022. Comparing the production during Q1 and Q3 in 2022 and 2023: trucks have 116,675 vs. 71,765, -38.4%; while buses have 23.824 vs. 15,355, -35.5%.

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