Nitto Seiko receives patent for "bioabsorbable high-purity magnesium material for medical use - FASTENER EUROPE MAGAZINE
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Nitto Seiko receives patent for "bioabsorbable high-purity magnesium material" for medical use

Nitto Seiko (Ayabe City, Kyoto Prefecture) announced on July 3rd that they have obtained a Japanese patent related to "Medical Bioresorbable High-Purity Magnesium Material."

The company had previously announced their successful development of "Medical Bioresorbable High-Purity Magnesium Material" in February 2021. Currently, they are conducting animal experiments and other tests to advance the production of biodegradable medical devices. 

If this technology, which allows materials to dissolve and be absorbed within the body, becomes practical, the need for removal surgeries after bone fusion procedures involving metal implants could be eliminated. This could lead to not only the reduction of physical, mental, and financial burdens on doctors, patients, and their families, but also to broader societal effects such as shortened hospital stays, decreased medical costs, and conservation of medical resources. 

Additionally, the elimination of removal surgeries could contribute to alleviating the serious shortage of medical professionals. Building on the momentum of this patent acquisition, the company aims to accelerate product development and work towards early commercialization and market release.