Simpson Strong-Tie Adds Corrosion-Resistant Options to TF Wood-to-Steel Screw Line  - FASTENER EUROPE MAGAZINE
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Simpson Strong-Tie Adds Corrosion-Resistant Options to TF Wood-to-Steel Screw Line 

Simpson Strong-Tie, the leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, is extending its line of Strong-Drive® TF Wood-to-Steel screws with options for increased corrosion resistance. The new screws feature enhanced corrosion resistance for trailer-floor applications.   

Designed for performance and productivity in high-paced environments, Strong-Drive® TF Wood-to-Steel screws eliminate the need to predrill and install 26% faster than traditional predrill and hand-drive methods. The load-rated structural fasteners are engineered to bore through wood and into steel up to 15/32” thick. They feature a flat head with nibs for easy countersinking and pull-through resistance, along with a #5 drill point with wings to bore through the wood member before engaging with the steel. A six-lobe recess provides for secure driving, and self-tapping threads securely fasten into the steel member. 

TF Wood-to-Steel screws are ideally suited for use with Simpson Strong-Tie’s Quik Drive® PROHSD Wood-to-Steel auto-feed screw-driving solution, an ergonomic stand-up fastening system that boosts speed, efficiency, and accuracy for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and truck bed manufacturers as they produce trailer floor and truck bed assemblies. The screws also are available for hand-drive applications. 

“Since their introduction, our Strong-Drive TF Wood-to-Steel screws have been well-received by OEM customers, so much so that they’ve been requesting options with increased corrosion resistance for trailer floor applications,” says Brandon Ward, Senior Product Manager for Simpson Strong-Tie. “This line extension combines the high-performance, efficiency-boosting features of the original screws with increased corrosion protection well suited for use in preservative-treated woods. They also provide a good solution for installing 2x treated nailers in CFS construction.” 

TF Wood-to-Steel screws are available in 750-count boxes for use with the Quik Drive system or in 50-count tubs or 1,000-count buckets for hand-drive applications.