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Yamashina Develops Welded Bolt Made of Non-tempered Steel

Yamashina (Yamashina-ku, Kyoto) has recently launched a new product, the "Non-Heat Stud" welding bolt. According to the company's announcement dated June 19. In addition to its excellent weldability, the material requires no heat treatment and thus is expected to reduce costs compared to conventional products.

According to the announcement, the "Non-Heat Stud" developed by Yamashina is a welding bolt made of non-tempered steel with a tensile strength of approximately 800 Mpa. Since no heat treatment process is required, cost reduction and environmental impact reduction can be expected. The material used has high strength and low carbon content for excellent weldability, allowing safe work in areas where high-strength materials are required, such as the fastening of high-tensile materials.

Yamashina has been developing a number of special fasteners under the slogan "Total Cost Reduction in Manufacturing" for some time. In addition to cost reduction, the new "Non-Heat Stud" also addresses the theme of reducing environmental impact, a topic that has been the focus of much attention in recent years. Yamashina commented on the product in the announcement, "We expect that 'non-heat studs' that can be used without heat treatment will not only contribute to the total cost reduction and quality of our customers' manufacturing, but also meet the needs of environmentally conscious customers in the future market environment where zero-carbon products are required.