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Nagano grouped Suzuwa to strengthen nut production

by Shun Otsuki
President & Editor in Chief KINSAN FASTENER NEWS



Nagano Products (Shizuoka Prefecture, President Yoshitaka Nagano) established a new subsidiary, Suzuwa Seisakusho, in September of last year, inheriting the business of Suzuwa Seisakusho's Funabara Factory (Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture) under its group.

Suzuwa Seisakusho previously operated the Tamagawa Factory (Shimizu Town) for pipe bending processing and the Funabara Factory for producing cutting nuts. Recognizing the potential of the Funabara Factory, which manufactures cutting nuts and shares the same clients, Nagano Seisakusho, a nut manufacturer for automotive piping, acquired the business.

Nagano Seisakusho obtained 100% ownership by acquiring all the issued shares of Suzuwa Seisakusho, transforming it into a wholly-owned subsidiary. Takafumi Nagano, a director of Nagano Seisakusho, assumed the position of representative director for the newly formed Suzuwa Seisakusho. Through this group integration, the production breadth of nuts is expanded, strengthening sales expansion.

In November of last year, Nagano Seisakusho also installed a 6-stage parts former at its main plant. The PF624LH, manufactured by South Korea's JINU FT CO., LTD., has a cutting diameter of 24mm and a compaction force of 2600 kN. The equipment commenced operations in December of last year.