Okitsu Seiko to start processing mass production with 3M substitute agent, offering in ND and precoat - FASTENER EUROPE MAGAZINE
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Okitsu Seiko to start processing mass production with 3M substitute agent, offering in ND and precoat

by Shun Otsuki
President & Editor in Chief KINSAN FASTENER NEWS


Okitsu Seiko (Shizuoka Prefecture, President Tatsuya Iwazaki), a specialist in anti-loosening treatments, is actively preparing for the discontinuation of production of the anti-loosening agent "Fastener Adhesive" (SG2353, SG2451J) by the U.S. company 3M.

In anticipation of large-scale production, the company plans to switch to two alternative anti-loosening agents: ND Microspheres® 1193So (hereafter ND) manufactured by ND Industrial and precote® 80 (hereafter precote) manufactured by omniTECHNIK.

To facilitate the transition from the SG, the company will initially offer processing using ND, an epoxy-based alternative with similar performance and cost. Additionally, with the cooperation of Tanaka precote (Osaka Prefecture), the company will start providing processing using the acrylic-based precote. The company is currently analyzing processing data, accumulating know-how for the start of mass production, and considering the provision of environmental data. As the processing using SG inventory concludes, the company plans to commence gradual supply using alternative agents from the beginning of next year. Comparative data materials for each anti-loosening agent are available on the company's website.

The discontinuation of SG production is a significant turning point for the company, but President Iwasaki expresses optimism, stating, "We are preparing to accumulate technology through this opportunity to provide better products." Additionally, in order to establish a stable supply chain for anti-loosening agents, the company is considering the future development of domestically produced anti-loosening agents.

Apart from anti-loosening treatments, the company is engaged in various businesses, including stainless steel oxidation coloring treatments (black/brown), head painting, and the sale of tools such as punches.