New Long concrete screw BTS6 E with connecting thread for insulated ceilings from CELO - FASTENER EUROPE MAGAZINE
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New Long concrete screw BTS6 E with connecting thread for insulated ceilings from CELO

HVAC or electrical installations on insulated ceilings can be quite expensive and challenging, and there are many applications including pipes, rails, and clamps, that are necessary to install to the ceiling, including insulated or suspended ceilings.

With the traditional approach, using a drop-in anchor and threaded rod, you must drill through the insulating material into the underlying substrate and then blindly insert the anchor through the hole which can be quite a challenge...

Introducing the BTS6 E long with M8 connection thread!

The BTS6 E Long was initially designed for specific use with insulated ceilings. Its extended screw length enables the screw to span larger insulation thicknesses, providing a fast and secure solution for attaching to insulated concrete ceilings.

The addition of the new M8 connection thread now makes the BTS6 E Long an ideal choice for applications on insulated or drywall suspended ceilings.

We have added five items to our range of the popular BTS 6 E long concrete screws with connecting threads. The long-shank concrete screw is now available not only with an M6 but also in new sizes with an M8 connection thread.

Advatages of the long concrete screw BTS6 E with M8 connection thread:

·       Bridge large insulation thicknesses – perfect for insulated ceilings
·       Saves time – Small drill hole and fewer installation steps
·       ETA approved – for cracked and non-cracked concrete
·       CE marking
·       Fire resistance class R120 – with anchoring depth of 50mm
·       Meets VdS guidelines – making it suitable for fire protection sprinkler systems

The new long concrete screws can be quickly installed, are immediately loadable, and can be completely dismantled – for mechanically anchoring heavy loads to concrete!