Insulation screw IPSZ made of die-cast zinc for ETICS and aerated concrete from CELO - FASTENER EUROPE MAGAZINE
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Insulation screw IPSZ made of die-cast zinc for ETICS and aerated concrete from CELO

Introducing the new IPSZ insulation screw. Crafted from high-quality die-cast zinc and featuring a pre-mounted EPDM seal, these screws offer optimal performance when secured through standard 8 mm through-holes. Save time in installation processes, seal the fixing point on the façade simultaneously and ensure the energy efficiency of your building envelope!

Specifically designed for direct fastening to insulated facades, the IPSZ is versatile and compatible with all common types of insulation. The IPSZ insulation screws are perfect for installing light loads such as wall connection profiles, plinth protection strips, signs, or lamps on insulated and plastered façades.

Install directly in ETICS and wood fibre insulation without pre-drilling!

We have added 2 different lengths to the range in order to cover a wide range of insulation materials:

Insulation screw IPSZ 80
Secure hold on ETICS-insulated facades from 80 mm thickness.
Suitable boards include: EPS, mineral wool, polystyrene foam boards, rigid foam boards or polystyrene boards.

Insulation screw IPSZ-H 55
Shorter version for wood fibre insulation boards and perimeter insulation from 60 mm.   

Advantages of the IPSZ:

·       Save time – The sharp drill tip of the IPSZ means that you can drill directly into the plaster, no pre-drilling required
·       Energy- efficient – prevents thermal bridges and the penetration of moisture into the façade
·       TX drive – ensures a good power transmission with a similar bit size and can be installed with standard cordless screwdriver
·       Pre-mounted EPDM sealing ring – No subsequent sealing is necessary, reducing the amount of insulation steps
·       Zinc die casting – Has strength, durability and is corrosion-resistant ensuring high quality