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Power clamping nut ESD

To avoid long set-up times and any resulting costs incurred by the clamping of work pieces and tools the company ENEMAC from Germany offers mechanical power clamping nuts for secure, fast and maintenance-free clamping.

For different sized work pieces or tools the clamping specialist ENEMAC from GERMANY offers mechanical clamping nut type ESD with through-hole-thread.

The ESD series has an integrated planetary gear that can be driven by a small nut outside the housing, easily and without much effort, whereby the internal thread is somewhat retracted, thus the counterpart is tightened. The nut type ESD is arranged off-center, so that a passage thread allows variable clamping edges.
A very large effect is given through an simple principle, because of this concept every worker can easily and manually achieve a force of up to 180 kN.

Simply screw the power clamping nut onto the existing bolt, then turn the small nut on top of the ESD with a standard torque wrench, in individual cases with a normal socket wrench, up to the specified torque and the clamping nut tightens your work piece or tool self-locking and especially fast.

The model is available for threads of M12 to M64, special threads available on request.
The power clamping nuts can be used at any time, whether as original equipment, or as a retrofit item.