Long Pipe Pieces - Eddy Current Test - Inner Thread Inspection from GEFRA - FASTENER EUROPE MAGAZINE
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Long Pipe Pieces - Eddy Current Test - Inner Thread Inspection from GEFRA

If the range of parts is a challenge to the feeding device, all tests should be carried out in only one run.

For this purpose, GEFRA has created a system for all defect inspections in just one run, without having to feed the part to another testing system again. Long, head-heavy pieces of pipes in different designs and heights are a challenge for a glass plate inspection system, but with a sophisticated and still easy-to-use feeding device, we have solved this task.

With the GEFRA OPTISORT W800 it is possible to place the pipe pieces standing upright on the glass disk, to be moved through the inspection stations. These include dimensional testing, internal thread inspection, chip inspection, crack inspection and testing material properties by eddy current.

From a low, flat forged part up to 16 oz, head-heavy pipe pieces with a height of 130 mm and a standing area of just 25 mm, the range of parts is very diverse.

The feeder can be set up for another part within a few minutes; three quick-change inserts are available for this purpose. These are designed so individually that similar products can also be safely fed and placed on the glass disk in future parts.

Particular emphasis was placed on a high level of user-friendliness. The necessary conversion of the feeder can be done intuitively and if support is still needed, it can be accessed directly on the monitor in various video instructions.