Strong-Bolt® 2 Wedge Anchor — Mechanically Galvanized  - FASTENER EUROPE MAGAZINE
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Strong-Bolt® 2 Wedge Anchor — Mechanically Galvanized 

The Strong-Bolt 2 wedge-type expansion anchor in a mechanically galvanized finish can be used where a high-load-resisting anchor is needed for exterior applications. It has the same dual undercutting embossments on each clip segment as the zinc-electroplated version. Suitable for horizontal, vertical and overhead applications, the STB2-MG anchor is tested in uncracked concrete in accordance with AC193 and also in uncracked masonry in accordance with AC01.

Key Features

- Chamfered top designed to prevent mushrooming during installation
- Suitable for horizontal, vertical and overhead applications
- Tested for minimum concrete thickness of 3 1/4"
- Standard (ANSI) fractional sizes: fits standard fixtures and installs with common drill bit and tool sizes
- Tested per ACI355.2 and AC193