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Button Box powered rework guidance from SmartRay boosts production efficiency

SmartRay, the world leader in weld inspection technology, has released a new solution drawing on its industry-leading JOSY system to improve the rework process for welders.

JOSY is SmartRay’s cutting-edge inline weld inspection system. It combines first-class sensors with highly flexible, scalable software in a complete turnkey solution. Developed primarily for use in the automotive industry, JOSY is increasingly proving valuable to other applications where reliable weld inspection is essential.

The Guided Rework Plus package uses JOSY’s Web-Based Rework Guidance Software in conjunction with an easy-to-use Button Box to support welders involved in rework operations.

Typically, the worker receives part that JOSY has identified as a ‘NOK’ (non-OK) in a rework booth for repair welding. To confirm that every defective weld is reworked, it is necessary to document the quality and rework status of the part. Usually, this is done through a touchscreen or even keyboard and mouse-based interface, which cannot be operated well wearing heavy welding gloves. With the new Button Box system, this confirmation cannot be done by pressing a large button while wearing the rework gloves, and the repair and quality status is tracked in the database. To simplify operation further, the software will automatically flag the next weld for repair ensuring maximum efficiency and avoiding any satisfactory welds being unnecessarily reworked.

JOSY’s software retains the rework status for all welds, providing the manufacturer with added protection against recall claims.

Bernd Loroesch, Global Business Unit Manager for Josy Weld Inspection Solutions at SmartRay, said: “With this new button box system, which can be used within the JOSY automated guided rework process, we have made operations for welders much simpler, and even more important – much faster and efficient.”