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Bulten appoints Michael Richards as President Region Asia

Bulten Group has appointed Michael Richards as President of Region Asia. He will take up his post on April 1, and will be a member of Bulten’s Executive Management Team.

Michael Richards, who currently works as a consultant in his own business, has extensive experience from senior positions in manufacturing, sales, and other areas. He has worked for several international companies, including EMP (Engineered Machined Products), Modine, Husqvarna, and ARC International. An American, Michael Richards was born in 1968 and has lived and worked in Asia for much of his career.

“I am delighted to welcome Michael to Bulten. He has broad experience of manufacturing and sales, and he has worked in Asia for international companies for many years. This is the ideal combination for where we are right now, shifting decision-making to our regions so that we can better meet the unique conditions of each market,” says Christina Hallin, Interim President and CEO of Bulten Group.

Michael Richards succeeds Bent Wessel-Aas, who has been Interim President Region Asia. In his new role, Michael Richards will be based in Wuxi, China and will report to Bulten’s President and CEO.

On January 31, Bulten announced changes to its Executive Management in a shift toward an interdisciplinary regional structure, having previously operated in a global functional structure. The changes have led to three new roles – President Region Europe, President Region Asia, and Vice President Region North America – allowing the regions a broader manufacturing and sales mandate to bolster Bulten in achieving its long-term goals.