General Inspection’s VisionLab will be at Fastener Fair USA, May 22-23 - FASTENER EUROPE MAGAZINE
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General Inspection’s VisionLab will be at Fastener Fair USA, May 22-23

General Inspection will be exhibiting at Fastener Fair USA at the Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland, Ohio from May 22 - 23. General Inspection is located at booth 505 and will be displaying their latest gauging system, VisionLab.

VisionLab is so versatile it can be used for first piece inspection, SPC sampling, final audits or it can be used for 100% inspection using pick and place automation. VisionLab measures all profile characteristics, it’s the only true 3-Dimensional gauging system that provides complete part measurements in less than 7 seconds.  The system can measure all profile features including pertinent GD&T characteristics, as well as all thread features using patented optics and software algorithms that use virtual system-22 thread wireframes. An integrated thread database provides point and click programming.  An optional end-view feature measures and detects defects on both ends of parts measuring features such as: recesses, inner/outer diameters, through holes and counterbores. Optional surface control is used to detect surface defects, such as bad plating, thread patch presence and quality, as well as measure knurling width, gap, and height. Finally, upper tooling and a bit kit are available for uneven parts or parts with a recess drive. VisionLab provides comprehensive data reports and graphs with data collection that can be exported to 3rd party SPC packages.

With Windows based software VisionLab is easy to program. Templates are saved by part number and then recalled for instant inspection. VisionLab is the ideal solution for measuring and inspecting turned components and is intended to be in the lab or on the shop floor so that it can be fully utilized replacing manual inspection. Three models are available; VisionLab-75, VisionLab-150 and VisionLab-X. The VisionLab-75 can handle parts up to 75mm length and up to 35mm diameter.  The VisionLab-150 can handle parts up to 150mm length and 50mm diameter.  For larger sizes the VisionLab-X can be custom designed to fit most applications.

General Inspection also offers a full range of high speed inspection machines for bolts, screws, nuts, valve springs retainers, rivets, bushings, and washers. Gi offers patented systems that detect dimensional and visual defects simultaneously. Gi systems incorporate laser, vision, and eddy-current for dimensional measurement, visual defect detection, and rejection of metallurgical anomalies as a method for fastener manufacturers and distributors to achieve zero defects. With over 70 patents and patents pending, Gi is the first choice among fastener producers worldwide. Contact Gi to learn more about what we can do for your company, email us at: