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SACMA Presents its Latest Innovations at the WIRE 2024

Sacma Group will be attending WIRE 2024 from 15 to 19 April 2024 in Düsseldorf, booth Hall 16 / D44. The leitmotiv of Sacma Group is to innovate steadily and provide the most reliable range of machines making our customers more competitive in a continuously evolving market.

As usual Sacma Group will welcome all the actors of the forming world in its always appreciated booth for an exceptional exhibition dedicated to its four brands Sacma, Ingramatic, HS Aspe and Tecno Lift. The stand will display the most important innovations launched by the R&D’s, immediately ready for the market.

Sacma will present the series of the combined machine model SP18. Sacma has updated its well known SP18 with the new soundproof enclosure, the new wire feeder with direct drive motor, the new HMI software and new transfer unit. This combined header can produce fasteners and screws for the automotive, construction, electric/ electronic, white industry, starting from wire. That’s the best solution for high productivity requirements, consolidation of production methods, floor space utilization and work flow in the fasteners manufacturing process by having the forming, chamfering and thread rolling all in one machine. The machine is equipped with latest technologies available on the market like direct drive motors and ultimate software to facilitate the operators to make quick changeover easily and safely.

Ingramatic fast and strong in innovation. The Ingramatic division is today the worldwide leading company for designing and manufacturing cold and warm thread rolling machines. The well-known modular “I-Thread” machine line provides many innovative features like the starter units driven by torque motor motion which will be displayed with the 2024 RP120 (TR1/W1015).

That machine is the best compromise between rigidity and high tech features making the most competitive thread rolling machines for building, construction, electronic, furniture, appliance and Automotive fasteners running up to 600ppm.

The control of the introduction system is obtained by a torque motor. The introducer stroke can be adjusted by the operator panel or by means of the electronic handwheel without any manual adjustment, ensuring speed and accuracy of production changeover. The blanks are separated at the feed point by a innovative stop system that positions the workpiece on three points before it is placed between the dies.

Ingramatic supplies a monobloc soundproof enclosure. The built-in safety enclosure guarantees operator’s safety and noise reduction. The enclosure rest directly on the base to ensure that all the liquids circulating in the machine are contained and collected making the RP120 ecofriendly.  A special design has been made for RP120 in order to make the machine very compact and to reduce the space requirements and to permit a shorter commissioning time.

That new thread rolling machine has all features to insure the quick change over, saving space, precision, ergonomic and low production cost by its construction design.

The brand HS ASPE is the division of the group providing secondary operation machines to run pre-formed parts with a range of technologies which is consisting of tapping machines, combined machines, transfer machines and multi spindle turning machines. HS ASPE will show the new generation of combined machine model DT12 running parts up to M12. Drilling and Tapping Combined Machines are used to execute complementary operations in addition to the tapping. Operations like drilling, boring, facing, chamfering are so performed, sequentially or in overlapping, exploiting the single positioning/clamping of the part under process. That way the output rate is strongly increased. A top performer machine can be gifted with 2-3-4 working units.      

Tecno Lift is the company of the group in charge of the design and the manufacturing of all ancillaries for the Sacma Group machines to load, feed and convey parts. All the machines shown on the booth will be equipped with Tecno Lift solutions which are available for other application or existing machines already installed to the customers.

Sacma Group staff will be pleased to welcome visitors at Wire Dusseldorf 2024, booth Hall 16 / D44, to show and explain better all the new technologies and the capacity to support all the customers around the world.