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A short compare from 2014 to 2023 of Brazil

by Sergio Milatias 
Editor in Chief of Revista do Parafusos


The Anuário do Parafuso mark ten years motivated this analysis

As in 2024 was created the Anuário do Parafuso –an annual Fastener Brazilian Buyer's guideline, distributed to same readers of Revista do Parafuso– in his 10th issue (January 2024) it was published a short comparison among some sectors extremally involving with consume of bolts, screws, nuts, similar fasteners, and other. So, we decided to replicate the Anuário the same article for market overseas, as you can see next.

Firstly, is important to inform the Brazil has more than 211 million habitants, 4.5% above the 202 million in 2014. Ten years ago, there were around 450 local fastener manufacturers, 18% less the 372 at 2023.

Among December 2022 to November 2023, the local steel production were 31,151 million tons, around 8% below the 33,897 million tons produced in 2014. On the other side, the local petroleum production jumped more than 71%, from 2,1 million per day in 2014 to 3,6 million, until last year.

During January-December 2023 were unloaded in Brazil on fasteners imported 189,900 tons (4.34% above 2014), US$ 977 million (1,5% up, with fob price US$ 5.15 p/kg) vs. 182,000 tons, US$ 962 million (fob price US$ 5.28 p/kg) in 2014. Another side, the Brazilian fasteners export achieved 30,700 tons (18.5% above 2014), US$ 182 million (28% up, with fob price US$ 5.92 p/kg) vs. 25,000 tons, US$ 131 million (fob price US$ 5.16 p/kg) in 2014.

The interesting point are among auto-vehicles, in which the motorcycles sector produced 1,573 million units in 2023, the best historic result, and superior over the 1,517 million units in 2014.

If passenger cars, buses and trucks were at same increase rate Brazil, maybe, could had come back to be a highlight on The Economist Magazine front cover, as happen in November 2009. However, 2023 closed with 2,324 million units produced (121.133 *buses and trucks), more than 35% so distance from the 3,151 million (more than 172.902 *) in 2014.

Sources: Abraciclo, Anfavea, Brazil Steel Institute, IBGE, Mdic, Sinpa