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Belenus celebrates 20 years

by Sergio Milatias 
Editor in Chief of Revista do Parafusos


The history started at 1960, when João Lucas (died), an ex-taxi driver, became a fastener resale manager company. In 1978 he opened his own resale, having at his side João Marcos Lucas (JM), his son.

Under JM, the company had got a meteoric trajectory and prosperity. In 2004, already had at his side Sergio Lucas, the JM son, was created a new company named Belenus, starting so a new era, but as fastener manufacturer.

Can be pretentious, but during the two last decades the Belenus surging changed the fastener market history in Brazil.

Beyond to the fastener production, currently the Belenus became a group, with operations on other areas, such as distribution of hardware, tools, and various types of equipment, as peripheric products to solar energy installations.

At total, all operations are composed by 1,7 thousand employees, and the capacity to process 10 thousand tons per month on fastener manufacture unit.    

Belenus headquarters (Vinhedo town, SP, Brazil)