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PEM®: Made in Europe: Made for Europe

Choosing products 'Made in Europe' brings significant advantages. Known for quality and craftsmanship, European fasteners and installation equipment present meticulous attention to detail, durability and superior standards. Moreover, they adhere to strict ethical and environmental guidelines, promoting worker safety and eco-friendly production methods.

Supporting European manufacturing not only bolsters local economies, preserves jobs and fosters innovation, it also champions sustainability efforts, aligning with eco-conscious consumer priorities. The transparency of sourcing in Europe, for Europe and manufacturing processes, enhances consumer confidence, while reduced carbon footprints from shorter transportation distances speak to concerns about climate change, with the additional benefit of avoiding Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) duty.

The European 'Right to Repair' (R2R) legislation aims to tackle the 'throwaway tech culture' by compelling manufacturers to offer consumers and third-party repair shops the tools, information, and parts needed for fixing electronic devices. This law is poised to revolutionize assembly methods, prolong product lifespan, cut carbon emissions, and minimize landfill waste. PEM® fastening products not only make assembly quick and easy, but they streamline disassembly too. This way, parts can be repaired, recycled, and reused much more easily. Many manufacturing processes that currently rely on welding, gluing, or sealing will benefit from PEM® fastening solutions that withstand R2R procedures.

PEM® is Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) Ready:

The CBAM climate measure aims to address the risk of carbon leakage by ensuring equivalent carbon pricing for imports and domestic (EU) products that are subject to carbon costs under the EU ETS. Mary Ann Fleming, President of PennEngineering® EMEA comments, “At PEM® Europe, we embrace CBAM as an opportunity to further our dedication to sustainable production, fostering innovation, and contributing to a cleaner future for generations to come.”