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In 2024, the HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center will host again the largest industrial event in the CEE region.

The MACH-TECH International Trade Exhibition for Machine Manufacturing and Welding Technology and the INDUSTRY DAYS International Industrial Trade Exhibiton will be held between 7-10 May.

Co-event: AUTOMOTIVE HUNGARY International Trade Exhibition for Automotive Industry Suppliers

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The region's largest and most significant business meeting for industrial players plays a defining role in the Hungarian and regional industrial sector, as well as in the economic sphere. The co-exhibitions provide a unique opportunity for manufacturing, distributing and service companies alike to showcase their products, portfolios, innovations and novelties to professionals seeking solutions and answers to challenges affecting their businesses.

There is significant interest in the event not only from regular exhibitors and professional partners but also from companies who have never attended the co-exhibitions before. Nearly 400 exhibitors have reserved more than 12,000 square meters in Pavilion A and G of the Exhibition Center.

You can view the continuously updated list here.

The event is committed to showcasing the latest technologies and trends, placing a strong emphasis on the latest developments in both the exhibitions and associated conferences. The exhibition bouquet is accompanied by a comprehensive, high-quality professional program series. In line with tradition, with the participation of partners:

·       engineering chamber conferences on e-mobility and current issues in energy and electrical engineering,
·       welding technology training sessions,
·       series of presentations on the plastics industry await professionals in the halls of the Exhibition Center.
·       There will be an automotive supplier B2B meeting and
·       the Techtogether Automotive Hungary engineering competition,
·       As a novelty, attendees can gain insight into railway welding at the Join-Trans "Railway Vehicle Welding and Manufacturing" international conference.
·       There will be a presentation of the winners of the Hungarian Industrial Special Machine Grand Prix, meetings with participating companies, and an overview of this year's competition.
·       On the 3rd day of the exhibition, an labour safety conference will be held, focusing on the special, innovative, and current aspects of occupational safety that employers and occupational safety professionals will encounter in the future.

The participating exhibitors also contribute to the professional programs with their presentations and workshops. More about the programs: programs

The function called Partner meeting provides the visitors the opportunity to negotiate preliminary appointments with exhibitors. The service that can be found on the websites of INDUSTRY DAYS and AUTOMOTIVE HUNGARY exhibitions provides visitors and exhibitors the possibility to organize their work in a more efficient way and develop their contact with their present and prospective partners to be more successful. To access this service: after visitors’ registration (above) the websites of the exhibitions shoud be visited and the ’Partner meeting’ menu item should be clicked on.

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