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Kadimi Cold Heading Quality Wires

Kadimi tool manufacturing has established itself as a frontrunner in the steel wire manufacturing industry, specializing in high-quality Cold Heading Quality (CHQ) wires.

What is CHQ Wires
CHQ wires are a specific type of steel wire designed for exceptional formability through a cold heading process. This high-pressure metal forming technique shapes the wire at room temperature into intricate components without the need for heating.

Kadimi is Expertise in CHQ Wires
Kadimi Special Steels takes immense pride in its state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and unwavering dedication to quality. Here's a glimpse into what sets the company apart.

Diverse Material Selection
Kadimi Special Steels offers a comprehensive selection of CHQ wires, including Boron Steels, Alloy Steels, Carbon Steels, and Bearing Steels. This extensive range empowers customers to choose the ideal material for their specific applications.

Unmatched Coating Capacity
Kadimi Special Steels facilities boast an impressive capacity of 84,000 MT for pickling and coating, ensuring consistent surface treatments for exceptional performance.

Cutting-Edge Annealing
The company utilizes the latest advancements in furnace technology to deliver the country's largest batch capacity for annealing CHQ wires. This meticulous process optimizes the wire's microstructure, guaranteeing with decarb free and high spheroidization product for stringent automatic applicants.

Precision Wire Drawing
The advanced wire drawing machinery boasts a capacity of 72,000 MT and can ranging from 1.80 mm to 38.00 mm. This remarkable versatility allows  to cater to a wide array of customer requirements while maintaining exceptional crack-free quality.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality
At Kadimi, quality is not a mere goal; it's an unwavering commitment. Its comprehensive quality control system ensures every stage of production adheres to the highest standards. Kadimi employs sophisticated testing equipment, including tensile strength testers and microstructure analyzers, to rigorously evaluate each batch of wire.

Destructive testing methods are also implemented to identify any internal defects, ensuring only flawless wires reach Kadimi’s valued customers.

Seamless Dispatch for Timely Delivery
Timely delivery is crucial for customer’s production schedule. Following rigorous quality checks, Kadimi’s efficient dispatch department meticulously packs the wires using specialized techniques to prevent damage during transportation. Working closely with reputable logistics partners, ensures swift and secure delivery to customer’s doorstep, anywhere in the world.

Kadimi Special Steels’ dedicated customer service team is available to facilitate clear communication and track.