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Innovative Robotic Automation Solutions Shape the Era of Industry 4.0

Mehmet Akif Döker, the Vice Chairman of NRM Mühendislik, stated that innovation and digital transformation have profound and transformative effects on the manufacturing sector, as well as a wide range of industries. He explained that this new era, referred to as Industry 4.0, is being shaped by innovative robotic automation solutions.

NRM Mühendislik, a technology company that manufactures robotic automation systems for all companies in the manufacturing sector, operates under Norm Holding.

Mehmet Akif Döker noted that following the industrial revolution, the manufacturing sector is undergoing its most significant transformation process. "This process is defined by fundamental concepts led by technology and digitalization. This new era, called Industry 4.0, is shaped by various concepts such as the digitalization of production processes, the IOT, data analytics, big data, artificial intelligence, and robotic technologies. These innovative concepts allow production processes to occur faster, more efficiently, and with fewer errors, while also enhancing the interaction between humans and machines. Factories that successfully adopt these technological applications are termed 'smart factories' and represent a new standard in the industry," he said.

Transforming the way customers overcome challenges

Adding that production processes in developing countries, particularly those with intensive labor, are significantly affected by this transformation, Döker stated, "In this context, we have long regarded digitization and technological transformation as the most important items on our agenda. We consider it highly important to share the technologies we use and develop not only within our own companies but also with our industry and customers. This approach not only transforms our business model but also the way our industry and customers overcome challenges.

Turnkey projects incorporating custom robotic solutions are featured

In parallel with the growth in the machinery sector, there has been an increasing demand for automation control systems. NRM Mühendislik produces Robotic Automation Systems for domestic and international clients operating in the manufacturing sector. Within this scope, turnkey projects envolving custom-designed systems and machinery, utilizing six-axis, scara, delta, and cartesian robots, robotic quality control, welding applications, and specialized robotic solutions such as Pic&Place are offered.

Providing services to various sectors such as fasteners and packaging

With the active utilization of optical quality control equipment, we have developed optical machines with NRM Vision Software infrastructure to meet the high production capacity and one-to-one product control needs of the manufacturing sector. These machines, equipped with high-resolution cameras and special lighting design, can perform all measurements and structural checks. Thus, we provide services to various sectors such as the automotive main and sub industry, glass, fasteners, and packaging. In addition to the project we developed for one of the world's and Europe's second-largest producer in the glass household goods sector, we also carry out crack control projects for another customer engaged in wheel production in Germany. With NRM Mühendislik's profound expertise in the manufacturing sector and its innovative approach, we aim to offer customized solutions to meet our customers' needs, thereby maximizing efficiency and quality in production processes.