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The Brazilian trade fair season open

by Sergio Milatias 
Editor in Chief of Revista do Parafusos


The biggest South America construction show, the Feicon is one of the most important business levers, including on fastener market

On April 2 to 5 2024 around the Brazilian pavilion events São Paulo Expo, in São Paulo City, SP, there were not taxis and Ubers services enough to serve the huge demand from so many visitors on the 28th Feicon (feira + construção, acronym in Portuguese language), the biggest annual construction business show.

It is from a great success; however, it happens also so because the collective local transport is so bad, causing many visitors walk a lot of before to access the pavilion because the big jams there. 

Looking back the better side, the edition had more than 100 thousand visitors, around 600 exhibitors, including one of the most important local fasteners manufacturers, as Inox-Par, Jomarca, New-Fix, and other companies with mixed distributor activities, as screws, bolts and similar, at side several products that orbit general construction sectors, as Amatools, Walsywa and the Waves Plus (a CBS Parafusos Group member).