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Jern Yao named a new Brazilian sales agent

 by Sergio Milatias 
Editor in Chief of Revista do Parafusos

Together, the Taiwanese Chum Yuan, and the Brazilian RWD have the mission to increase the sales in region

The commercial manager of Jern Yao Enterprise Co Ltd, Mr. Paul Lin appointed as business partners in Brazil the Taiwanese company Chum Yuan Co., Ltd. (CYC), and the Brazilian RWD International (RWD). The nominee occurred in November end 2023, involving machines sales and services.

Effectively present on many Brazilian fastener manufacturers, the Jern Yao Enterprises, a traditional brand for more than 30 years, has acting intensive in production of multi-stage machines, dedicated to cold forming processes. Its lines are divided into three series: 1) Bolt Formers, with 2 to 5 stages, for forming screws; 2) Nut Formers, with 5 to 6 stages, for making nuts; 3) Part Formers, with 5 to 7 stages, for pressing special parts.