Tectorius® Tec-Bond® 235 and 251offers an alternative to 3M™ Corporation 2353 and 2510 Thread Adhesive - FASTENER EUROPE MAGAZINE
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Tectorius® Tec-Bond® 235 and 251offers an alternative to 3M™ Corporation 2353 and 2510 Thread Adhesive

In a surprising move, 3M Corporation recently announced the discontinuation of two of its renowned thread adhesive products, 2353 and 2510. For decades, these adhesives have been trusted by manufacturers and engineers worldwide for their reliability in securing threaded fasteners in various industries. However, with changing market dynamics and evolving demands, 3M has opted to cease production of these products, leaving many searching for viable alternatives.

The decision to discontinue these adhesives is unclear, though Force Majeure has been claimed in the 3M news release. This could be an indication of disrupted ingredient supply or equipment failure. While 3M's decision may come as a disappointment to some loyal users, it also presents an opportunity to explore alternative solutions that may offer even greater benefits and support. Furthermore, this highlights to users the fallacy of “too big to fail” may not always be the best strategy for critical supply products. The interdependent balance between demand from the marketplace and supply chain promotes collaboration and interaction, which in turn, sparks innovation. 

One alternative gaining traction in the industry is Tectorius Tec-Bond line of fastener coatings. Tectorius, a leading provider of fastening solutions, has developed Tec-Bond as a versatile and effective thread adhesive family designed to meet the demanding and evolving requirements of modern manufacturing. Unlike traditional thread adhesives, Tec-Bond offers several distinct advantages that make it a compelling substitute for 3M's discontinued products.

First and foremost, Tec-Bond 235 and 251 boast “plug and play” replacements for these 3M products. As well as being an apt substitute, the long-problematic “whitening” over time that 3M products have demonstrated, has been eliminated from the Tec-Bond line. In addition, the Tec-Bond formula provides the expected exceptional resistance to vibration, shock, and thermal cycling, ensuring that threaded fasteners remain securely in place even in the most challenging environments. This reliability is crucial for industries such as automotive, aerospace, and electronics, where the integrity of fastened joints is paramount.

Moreover, the Tec-Bond family offers advanced grades that include features such as DPC (dry powder concentrate) where the product is reconstituted at the user site, allowing for diminished transportation costs- this is especially helpful for overseas transport and much longer storage life. 

Tectorius is also pleased to offer water-based pre-applied alternatives to 3M products 2353 and 2510: Tec-Bond 240 and Tec-Bond 261, respectively. These environmentally friendly products can be used when solvents are deemed undesirable. These grades are RoHS and REACH compliant while also offering low chlorine content, low toxicity, and low odor. 

Tec-Bond is available in various formulations to accommodate different thread sizes, materials, colors, and operating conditions, providing flexibility and versatility in its application. Whether securing small screws in delicate electronic devices or large bolts in heavy machinery, there is a Tec-Bond product tailored to meet specific requirements.

Tectorius prides itself on its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, offering comprehensive technical support and expertise to assist users in selecting the right adhesive for their needs and ensuring optimal performance.

While the discontinuation of 3M's 2353 and 2510 thread adhesives may pose initial challenges for some, the emergence of alternatives like Tectorius Tec-Bond presents an opportunity for manufacturers to explore new and improved solutions. With its superior performance, durability, and versatility, Tec-Bond stands poised to fill the void left by 3M's departure and become the go-to solution for thread locking and sealing applications across industries.