New dimensions for the product range from EJOT - FASTENER EUROPE MAGAZINE
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New dimensions for the product range from EJOT

Fastening solar systems with reduced swarf

Securely application on the surface, no tripping or slipping off, no sharp-edged swarf and yet a high assembly speed. The established EJOFAST® self-drilling screws by EJOT convince with these features.

The EJOFAST® product range has been expanded with self-drilling screws with a diameter of 6.0 mm. The JF3-2-6.0 is especially used in the solar industry such as for elevated solar substructures on trapezoidal profiles using short rail system. Similar to all EJOFAST® self-drilling screws, the JF3-2-6.0 offers a secure and slipfree application, along with a reduced swarf fastening via a finely crafted tip geometry, however, with a slightly larger diameter compared to the JF3-2-5.5. The JF3-2-6.0 completes the product range of EJOFAST® self-drilling screws for solar applications and forms a perfect team together with JF3-2-5.5 for all applications.

The slim, single-fluted drill point produces no sharp-edged chips that get stuck in the material and require time-consuming removal. Additionally, the special thread shape allows a high assembly speed. This enables the fitters to work considerably more efficient.

EJOT offers a diverse solar fastening portfolio such as the self-drilling and ETA approved EJOT solar fastener with a sealing washer and ORKAN storm washer. The fastening element made out of stainless steel is suitable for assembly of photovoltaic systems on roofs with a trapezoidal profile, sandwich panel and corrugated fibre cement sheets. It transfers all appealing tensile and compressive forces directly into the substructure. The range is topped off by an assortment of sealing elements and adapters.