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NEW VisionLab System Measures BIG BOLTS

General Inspection, LLC recently installed a NEW VisionLab-300-X, 3D Fastener Gauging System at a large bolt manufacturer in Indiana to streamline their first part inspection process.

VisionLab uses General Inspection's patented 3D gauging technology to provide complete part dimensional layouts in less than 5 seconds. The machine can perform 360⁰ dimensional inspection with detailed data reporting, plus options to provide 360⁰ visual defect detection, and a bottom camera to verify head markings and measure recess features.

The bolt manufacturer had three 12” LaserLab systems and replaced them with a single VisionLab-300-X.  VisionLab accepts the transfer of all previously programmed parts from the legacy LaserLab systems, saving valuable time.   

The VisionLab-300-X will measure parts up to 12” long and up to 4” diameter.  All dimensions, including lengths, diameters, radii, angles, and GD&T features are measured and displayed with a pass/fail indication. Custom data reports are created and saved as CSV or Excel files, but in this case the customer is utilizing the “MySQL” built in server to connect directly to their SPC program.  This saves time and money plus drastically improves quality by accurately measuring parts within two microns. Part feature tolerances are assigned with the appropriate part number and stored in memory for quick recall.

The VisionLab system is a versatile, accurate and fast inspection machine capable of handling a wide range of applications.