FASTENER POLAND® will be held on September 25-26 at EXPO Kraków - FASTENER EUROPE MAGAZINE
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FASTENER POLAND® trade fair - experts in the fastener industry from around the world will meet again in Krakow

The FASTENER POLAND® trade fair, which will be held on September 25-26 at EXPO Kraków, is the only international trade fair of fasteners organized in Central and Eastern Europe. Every year, 70% of exhibitors and 50% of guests from abroad take part in them. This year will be no different. For 7 years, the event has been a key forum for exchanging experiences, learning about new products and building lasting business relationships.

Poland - European strategic supplier
Poland, thanks to its central location in Europe, plays a key role as a supplier of fasteners to European markets. Polish manufacturers are famous for high-quality fasteners. Their products, thanks to constant, regular investments in employee training and modern technologies, meet the highest standards of workmanship. Although the costs of electricity and employee maintenance are rising, Poland is still price competitive compared to other European countries.

International and professional
This year's topics will certainly include environmental issues - carbon duties and sustainable development, increased quality and normative requirements, shortened supply chains, technological progress and rising prices of materials. The list of exhibitors is constantly growing, and at the end of May, over a hundred exhibitors - leaders in the fastener industry - have already confirmed their participation in the trade fair. In addition to Polish suppliers, companies from the Czech Republic, Spain, India, Malta, Germany, Turkey, Taiwan, Italy and China will be presented. They will present the most modern industrial connectors and fasteners (from screws, through rivets, to nuts, dowels and wedges), construction connectors (anchors, concrete screws, fastening of facades and insulation), advanced assembly and installation systems (with a presentation of the latest riveting devices, screwdrivers and systems inserting screws or mounting brackets), as well as connector production technologies and devices for their storage and distribution. Many of them have been participating in the event since the first edition. The high level of business meetings and the potential that the FASTENER POLAND® trade fair brings to the development of the fastener industry are confirmed by the opinions of exhibitors. Mr. Tomasz Karwowski, Commercial Director of DROMET Sp. z o. o. Sp. k. appreciates, above all, the opportunity to meet many new customers - (...) our main goal is to meet new customers - customers from outside our country. Every year we manage to achieve this goal. I'm very happy with this. Among the foreign customers who visited our stand there were also those with whom we had no contact before. An important and interesting aspect is noted by Andrea Villa, Vice-President of the Management Board of EUROFIX Italia - (...) The FASTENER POLAND® trade fair is not as large as other events in the world, but it is very specialized, which means that I have time to talk to everyone customer. I can spend several minutes talking to him and discuss in detail all the issues that interest him. This is very important for us.

End users in the spotlight
The trade fair is addressed to industry buyers who use fasteners to produce products. The information campaign is especially targeted at industries with the greatest potential. The machinery industry, photovoltaics, household appliances, automotive, power engineering and electronics are the sectors with the greatest demand for all types of connectors and fasteners. This year, FASTENER POLAND® will be accompanied by a special zone of fasteners for construction, which will allow specialists in the insulation industry, installers of air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration systems, facade installers, scaffolding manufacturers, and contractors of industrial and warehouse halls to establish contacts with suppliers.

Stabilization of the economic situation in Poland in 2024 allows for increased investor activity. Poland is still one of the largest warehouse markets in Europe. Our country's favorable geographical location, well-educated staff and relatively low costs of building halls mean that foreign investors will continue to choose our country for their logistics operations. After the introduction of the special loan programme last year, there was a large demand for premises, and another state initiative, is on the horizon. The continuing demand for apartments, commercial, office and production facilities increases the demand for materials, including specialized fasteners for construction. The program of expansion of expressways, railway infrastructure, construction of bridges, tunnels and energy networks will result in high demand for fasteners for engineering construction. The fasteners industry is constantly improving its solutions to meet the demanding construction market.

The trade fair will be accompanied by expert speeches, training and shows. Online registration for the event is now available. Detailed information at