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Nitto Seiko deploys screw tightening unit for cooperative robots

Nitto Seiko has the strength of providing a comprehensive fastening solution, ranging from screw products to screw tightening robots and even supply/inspection equipment. Within this spectrum, they have introduced the PD400 series screw tightening units for collaborative robots, catering to various robot manufacturers.

Amidst the global challenge of labor shortages, automation of processes using collaborative robots, which do not require safety fences, are easy to implement, and allow for flexible line construction, has garnered attention. Achieving screw tightening with collaborative robots demands high precision akin to human senses, but there have been barriers due to complexities in setup and operation when the functionality is high. Nitto Seiko addresses this by offering the PD400 series screw tightening units for collaborative robots, balancing screw tightening accuracy with ease of setup and operation. They offer units tailored for collaborative robots from Universal Robots, Fanuc, Techman Robot, and Yaskawa Electric.

These units are designed to be compact and lightweight, reducing the burden on robot movements. Users can set torque values, rotation speeds, and other parameters for each tightening point, ensuring high precision and quality screw tightening. Setup for various collaborative robots is straightforward, and settings/changes can be intuitively made using standard pendants or tablets.

The PD400UR, compatible with collaborative robots from Universal Robots, is the first in the Japanese industry to obtain "UR+" certification as a screw tightening unit. "UR+" is a system where Universal Robots certifies third-party products that can be easily connected to their own robots.

As part of their business expansion strategy, Nitto Seiko is strengthening its capture of demand related to the automotive CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric) industry. They have introduced vacuum screw tightening machines equipped with newly developed contamination prevention units to meet the demand for electronic components in automotive parts. They also offer lightweight screw tightening units, FM514VZ/FM514CZ, which are 30% lighter than conventional products, contributing to CO2 reduction and space-saving in facility sizes. They propose environmentally friendly screw tightening solutions as well.

In the wave of global labor-saving trends, Nitto Seiko is expanding sales of these fastening solutions, leveraging their global network of group companies, including non-Japanese firms.