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Japanese Heading and Rolling Machine Manufacturers to Exhibit at wire2024

by Shun Otsuki
President & Editor in Chief KINSAN FASTENER NEWS


Several leading Japanese manufacturers of heading machines and flat thread rolling machines exhibited at wire2024 in April. The following is an overview of each company's exhibit.

Sakamura Machine Co. Ltd. (Kyoto, Japan), a Japanese heading machine manufacturer, introduced its latest Development Outcomes through product samples, introductory videos, and other materials. The company also introduced its latest efforts to reduce material loss by building a line to prevent dents and scratches on parts produced by formers. Redimo GmbH, Sakamura's service partner in the European market, was also exhibiting at the next booth.

In response to an interview, Mr. Jun Kobayashi, president of Sakamura Machine, said, "The automotive industry is one of our key customers. Here in Germany, we are seeing shift in trends regarding electric vehicles." and added, "We have an extensive lineup of heading machines that can handle both small and large sizes. In addition, We are working together with the Sakamura Group, which produces dies and tools for fasteners and produces fasteners such as nuts. We would like to propose value through total consulting, including technologies and products related to heading machines, by utilizing the comprehensive strengths of the Sakamura Group".

Nakashimada Engineering Works, Ltd. (Fukuoka, Japan), another Japanese heading machine manufacturer, exhibited and demonstrated its 4-Die 5-Blow cold former "MF440".

The MF440 is a model in the MF series manufactured by the company. The MF series has a lineup ranging from 1-die, 2-blow to 4-die, 5-blow (wire diameter φ0.5 to φ7), and has a high share in a wide variety of industries and fields internationally, including electronics, watches, phones, computers, and automobiles. At the booth, samples of products formed by each series of the company's heading machines were also exhibited.

In 1960, the company completed its first header, the H20, and has since developed and delivered a variety of heading machines, including 2-Die 3-Blow headers and Headers for manufacturing very small sized fasteners and metal parts, which the company calls "micro headers", to customers in Japan and overseas.

Sanmei Works Co., Ltd.(Aichi, Japan), which exhibited jointly with Nakashimada, promoted its machines through video materials and pamphlets. The company also introduced its DIOS, a two-step form die suitable for post-heat-treatment thread form rolling. The company is known as one of the leading manufacturers of thread form rolling machines in Japan, offering a full range of services from design and development of thread form rolling machines to machining, sales, and maintenance.