Kadimi introduced its wide product range at Wire Düsseldorf - FASTENER EUROPE MAGAZINE
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Kadimi introduced its wide product range at Wire Düsseldorf

How was your participation at the Wire show, what are your impressions?

We got a good response from the show. Most of the meetings were pre-arranged and it was good to meet everyone under one roof after so long.

Your booth was almost always full of visitors. How was the interest of the visitors in your products?

Yes, our booth was very busy. The customers looked impressed with our extensive display. Some were not aware of the wide range of dies that we offer. So they spent a lot of time looking at them and discussion. We also like to thank our distributors for spending a lot of time & bringing many customers from their respective territories.

Will new projects emerge from your meetings?

Yes, we got a lot of opportunities. Many companies approached us to cooperate with us as well and discussions are moving in the right direction.

Will you have new export regions and new representations?

We are in business for 45 years. We are already exporting almost all over the world. It was good to see that many trading companies approached to represent us & become our distributor. We have started working with some of them as well.