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Brazil Fastener exports and imports 2022

The only time in which the Brazil imported more than US$ 1 billion was in 2013 year: US$ 1,048 billion, 191 thousand tons total of fasteners. At the last year there was expectation to overcome that kind of import in values in compare with 2013. However, 2021 was over with just US$ 939,9 million. That result was the better since 2014 (US$ 962 million/162 thousand tons), but establishing an unpublished result in volumes, with 205 thousand tons.

Passed the first semester of 2022, data from the Brazil Economic Ministry has showing US$ 513 million imported in values, against US$ 457,18 million/2021 with a little more than 101,556 tons, against the 98,650 tons/2021. 

At the other side, is known Brazil are not a big fastener exporter, having in 2019 his better year: US$ 194 million in values, but just 29,6 thousand tons. While in 2021 was achieved US$ 153 million in values, and a record in volumes, 58,6 thousand tons.

From January to June last the revenue about fastener export was US$ 89,05 million, against US$ 66,31 million/2021, and 19,929 thousand tons, in compare with 35,744 thousand tons/2021.