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We Trust Our Quality !

Could you briefly introduce TKT Civata from past to present?  

Our company was established in 1992 to produce standard bolts. In 2002, it started to produce for the automotive sector. In this process, it expanded its business volume by investing in human, machinery and technology.

We produce special parts for the Automotive Sector and Defense Industry, which is the main market for fasteners in Turkey. Our company has proven itself with its quality by producing special cold forged parts for well-established companies in the automotive industry.

We obtained the production rights of some parts produced abroad by making design improvements, thus contributing to the economy of our country. We have been producing this part for years with increasing deadlines and exporting it abroad. We are here with a new logo by completing our corporate identity work in 2022. We are a company that is open to innovation and loves to learn. 


Can you give information about your company figures?

Our giant team of 21 people forms a nice team in a 2000 m2 closed area. Our machines are automatic part forming machines. With our new machinery investments, we increased our capacity to 16 mm in diameter and 130 mm in length. We manufacture with 11 cold forging presses and 4 sorting machines. The faulty parts are separated directly by the machine, and we maintain our 0.4 ppm quality level with our process controls and final controls. Our investments to new machinery continues.

Our Quality Laboratory was established in 2021 to perform hardness measurement control, coating thickness, surface roughness controls and material analysis. Process control and final controls are carried out in our laboratory using 3D devices. In our quality laboratories with a 3-D measurement system, 3D modeling and 3D graphics of the parts are made and human error is eliminated in the dimensional inspection process. All sizes in just a few seconds; including lengths, diameters, radii, angles and external threads are measured and transferred to TKT's data collection program. Our investments in our Quality Measurement Laboratory continue. Starting from the receipt of the order, and raw materials, to stocks and shipments entire process, is tracked with special software.
Our R&D studies continue. We provide design support for parts with quality problems and have them tested.

What are the product types, sizes you are capable of producing and your target sectors?

We are an approved supplier company that produces special bolts, screws, pins, rivets, stepped rivets and pipe parts with cold forging for well-established companies in the automotive industry. We do not have standard parts production. Our machines are in the form of “part forming”. We can produce both bolts and special forged parts.

What can you say about your exports and your perspective on foreign markets?

Our foreign market sales are made to European countries. We export 60% of our production. Recently, we have been having many meetings with people from abroad for partnership. We are confident in ourselves because we have aimed to combine our experience with technology and to make quality permanent. We conduct foreign market research and determine our strategies. We can say that we are also in the foreign market. For this, we take steps in line with our strategic work plan.

What are your investment plans and your company's goals?

We have divided our investments into human and machine investments. We strengthen our human investment by making our trainings continuous and with good teamwork.

We have new machine purchases. Apart from this, we are expanding our quality control laboratory. We bought a new machine for 100% precision measurement. We have started to work on opening offices in Germany and France. Your product may be the highest quality product in the world, your service may be excellent. But if your client does not receive it on time and to the same standards, they will not work with you again. 

•              In our company, the Quality Management System operates effectively. 
•              We have created a documentation infrastructure that will standardize business activities. 
•              We make status analyzes in line with data and statistical measurements and we can use these analysis results in future decisions. 
•              Our work with a system perspective provides us with an increase in customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. 
•              We are a successful and happy team that supports each other and credits success as us, not me. 

           We have determined our Strategic Marketing Principles. In this way, we designed a special part for a new sector, and it successfully passed the required tests in Italy. We become the only manufacturer of this part in the world.