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Record Exports from Turkish Industry

The Turkish industry reached a historical peak in exports with foreign sales exceeding 185 billion dollars last year. Foreign sales accounted for 73.1 percent of total exports in 2022.

According to the information compiled from the data of the Turkish Exporters Assembly, Turkey's exports increased by 12.9% last year compared to 2021 and reached 254 billion 209 million 535 thousand dollars.

Despite 2022 being a challenging year for both the global economy and developing countries, the performance of the Turkish economy, and the success of exporters in particular, left their mark on the last year.

Exports reached an all-time high

Turkey, which is one of the leading countries that provides advantages in production and exports in the restructuring process of global supply chains, continued to refresh historical peaks in foreign sales.

In particular, industrial exports broke record after record in 2022. Turkey's industrial exports increased by 8.8 percent last year compared to 2021 and rose to 185 billion 880 million 772 thousand dollars. Thus, exports of the industrial sector reached an all-time high. Foreign sales of the sector constituted 73.1 percent of the total exports last year.

10 sectors within the industry broke export records

10 of the 16 sectors operating within the industry broke export records.

Last year, textile and raw materials 10 billion 358 million dollars, leather and leather products 2 billion 57 million dollars, chemicals and products 33 billion 524 million dollars, ready-made clothing and apparel 21 billion 205 million dollars, electricity and electronics 15 billion 193 million dollars , machinery and parts 10 billion 371 million dollars, ferrous and non-ferrous metals 14 billion 385 million dollars, cement, glass, ceramics and soil products 5 billion 449 million dollars, defense and aerospace industry 4 billion 395 million dollars, air conditioning industry 6 billion 680 million dollars, the highest export of all time.

In 2022, textile and raw materials are 2.1 percent, leather and leather products are 18.8 percent, chemicals and products are 31.9%, ready-to-wear and apparel 4.8 percent, electrical and electronics are 7.3 percent, machinery and accessories. 10.2 percent, ferrous and non-ferrous metals 16.4 percent, cement, glass, ceramics and earthenware 18.2 percent, defense and aerospace industry 36.9 percent, air conditioning industry 7.9 percent recorded an increase in exports.