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Nippon Steel Obtained EcoLeaf Environmental Product Declaration for Rail Products

The EcoLeaf Environmental Product Declaration for rail was published by Nippon Steel Corporation (“Nippon Steel”). The EPD program is operated by Sustainable Management Promotion Organization (“SuMPO”).

Nippon Steel manufactures rails using technology developed over many years by us with state-of-the-art facilities. We also propose rails of optimized material and long rails to meet customers' needs, and provide reliable support concerning welding technology. Through these efforts, we have achieved stable track quality and improved maintenance efficiency. Our products are highly rated by customers in Japan and overseas, and are used in a wide range of applications, including general passenger, high-speed and heavy-haul railroad applications.

EcoLeaf is an EPD certification system that uses the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology to show quantitative environmental information covering the entire life cycle of a product, from the raw material supply, transportation, manufacturing, assembly, use, waste processing and recycling. This allows our customers to assess the environmental impact throughout the life cycles of the rail products. By using our rails, they can obtain benefits such as longer service life and labor-saving, reducing CO2 emissions throughout the supply chain to help their efforts toward carbon neutrality.

Since December 2019, when Nippon Steel first obtained the EcoLeaf environmental product declaration for H-shapes, we have thus far obtained total of 36 EPDs for various products, covering most of our steel products. As the movement toward carbon neutrality is accelerating worldwide, growing numbers of customers of various sectors evaluate the materials they use.

Nippon Steel will pursue world-leading technologies and manufacturing capabilities while aggressively disclosing the environmental performance of steel products, which are highly recyclable, environmentally friendly, sustainable, and in compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations.