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BRC Fasteners Grows with Satisfied Customers

BRC Fasteners was established in 2009 to meet the demands of a wide range of sectors such as automotive, defence, electricity, white goods, agricultural equipment, as well as other sectors that require the use of fasteners.

Although the company is relatively new in the fastener industry, the experience of over 30 years of management and production staff has enabled BRC to certify the quality of its services and products according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard in a short time. With its in-house projects and wide reference list, it is taking firm steps towards becoming an indispensable player in the sector in the short and medium term.

BRC Fasteners, which closely follows the developments in the sector and technology, has established and maintains a product management system at European standards with investments that can be considered as proof of the importance it attaches to customer satisfaction. With the aim of being a solution partner in production, it offers both common products and alternative special products to meet the specific demands of its customers in the best way.

Bircan Küçük Yılmaz, founder of BRC Fasteners, expresses the corporate policy of the company as "Our corporate policy focuses on ensuring perfect customer satisfaction to become a company that expands and grows with satisfied customers".  

Industries where BRC products are used; 
Automotive Industry
Agricultural Equipment 
Electric Power Industry
High voltage transmission lines
Tractor companies

BRC produces;
Spring washers
Cotter pins
Hitch pin clips
Metal sheet lock nuts
Special and flat washers
Retaining rings